No dive, no foul?

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  • Is @NYTimes right that US soccer fares poorly because they don't flop?

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  • .@stanveuger has doubts that US faking injuries would lead to more wins

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  • US soccer losses as a moral victory? Not so fast, writes @stanveuger

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This Sunday, the New York Times published an article arguing that a central reason why the U.S. soccer team is not a very successful one is its deep sense of honor and honesty. The argument runs as follows: If only American players were as good at flopping and as willing to dive for a penalty kick as others, they would be much more successful on the world stage, so any loss is really a moral victory.

As a preemptive defense of yet another failed U.S. attempt to win the World Cup or make it to its later stages, it is somewhat clever. As a way to circle the wagons around a different cultural icon of the liberal left now that president Obama’s agenda is failing the country both at home and abroad, it is entirely understandable. But is it true? Note that there are three parts to the argument:

Click here to read the full article on US News & World Report's website. The full article will be posted to on Wednesday, June 25, 2014.

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