What is the American Enterprise Institute? What is AEI's mission?

The American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research is a private, not- for-profit institution dedicated to research and education on issues of governance, international relations, economics, and social welfare. AEI's mission is to preserve and strengthen the foundations of freedom and democratic capitalism--limited government, private enterprise, individual liberty and responsibility, vigilant and effective defense and foreign policies, and political accountability--through scholarly research, open debate, and publications. For more information about AEI, please click here.

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What does the American Enterprise Institute do?

AEI sponsors research and conferences and publishes books, monographs, and periodicals. Its website www.aei.org posts its publications, videos and transcripts of its conferences, biographies of its scholars and fellows, and schedules of upcoming events. The Institute publishes dozens of books and hundreds of articles and reports each year; its work is addressed to government officials and legislators, teachers and students, business executives, professionals, journalists, and all citizens interested in a serious understanding of government policy, the economy, and important social and political developments.

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What are AEI's research areas?

AEI research covers economics and trade; health care policy; social welfare; government tax, spending, regulatory, and legal policies; education; U.S. politics; international affairs; and U.S. defense and foreign policies. For a complete summary of AEI's upcoming research efforts, please click here.

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When was AEI founded?

AEI was founded in New York City in 1938 by a group of prominent business executives, university professors, and intellectuals. Seeking to improve political debate and government performance, they discovered a quintessentially American approach to this age-old challenge. AEI was a private sector innovation that combined rigorous academic research and vigorous political engagement in a way that had never been done before. Since then, the Institute has been home to some of America's most accomplished public policy experts--in economics, law, political science, defense and foreign policy studies, ethics, theology, medicine, and other fields--who have helped mold AEI into one of the nation's most distinct and esteemed academic institutions. For more information on AEI's history, click here.

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Is AEI affiliated with the government or a political party?

No. The American Enterprise Institute is strictly non partisan, does not accept government funding, and relies entirely on the support of private individuals, foundations, and corporations. AEI scholars and fellows frequently take positions on pressing policy issues being debated inside and outside the U.S. government. AEI scholars speak for themselves and not for AEI, its trustees, other scholars, or employees.

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How does AEI get its funding?

AEI is a public charity, financed solely through donations from individuals, foundations, and corporations. For more information on becoming a financial supporter of AEI, please click here.

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Why should I make a donation to AEI?

You should make a donation to AEI so you can become a part of our small, tight- knit community of scholars and supporters.  Making a financial investment in AEI is a tangible step toward improving American politics and government. Over the years, the AEI approach to better government has proven highly productive. AEI scholars have originated many critical reforms to tax, regulatory, welfare, and national security policy that have been adopted into law. Yet the problems of government--extravagant spending, counterproductive regulation, poor performance on critical responsibilities, and partiality toward powerful interest groups--are persistent, long-term problems. They require countervailing institutions that are as permanent and powerful as government itself in order to provide informed criticism and intellectual leadership from above the partisan fray. AEI's work is respected across the political spectrum for its high intellectual caliber and reliable analysis. It has been, and will continue to be, a central, valued institution of American political thought and policy reform. Without your financial support, none of this important work would be possible.

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What is the Donor Leadership Program?

The Donor Leadership Program is designed to broaden the reach of our work and increase our engagement with individual supporters at all levels. For more information on giving levels and opportunities, please contact Emily Cox at emily.cox@aei.org or 202.862.5919.

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Who is AEI's president?

AEI is led by a talented executive team of officers.  The Institute's president, who is selected by the Board of Trustees, is currently Arthur Brooks. On January 1, 2009, Arthur took over from Chris DeMuth, who served as AEI's president until the end of 2008. Arthur is the author of a number of books--including, most recently, The Road to Freedom. More information about Arthur's work on the morality of the free enterprise system can be found here.

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Who serves on AEI's Board of Trustees?

AEI is governed by a Board of Trustees composed of leading business and financial executives. More information on the current composition of the Board can be found here.

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What is AEI's Council of Academic Advisers?

A group of distinguished outside scholars, AEI's Council of Academic Advisers reviews the Institute's research agenda, publications, and appointments and selects each year's recipient of the Irving Kristol Award. Additional information on the current composition of the CAA can be found here.

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Who are AEI's scholars?

AEI's scholars are some of America's leading public policy experts. Coming from the government, universities, and the private sector, they join the ranks of AEI in order to pursue their research in an intellectually independent atmosphere. A list of AEI's current scholars can be found here.

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Who are AEI's officers?

A complete listing of AEI's officers and senior management can be found here.

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I am an AEI donor. Can I visit the institute in Washington?

AEI's development staff is always delighted to meet with our donors or others interested in AEI at our headquarters. You are also welcome to attend any of our public conferences.

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I am an AEI donor and my contact information has changed. How can I update my contact information?

We would greatly appreciate having your most up-to-date contact information on file. You can easily update your information by logging into your MyAEI account. Individual donors, please contact Gwendolyn Gorse at 202.862.5852 or gwendolyn.gorse@aei.org. Foundation or corporate donors, please contact Justin Pham at 202.862.7181 or justin.pham@aei.org.

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How can I adjust the number of mailings that I receive from AEI?

We would be glad to adjust your mailings to ensure you are receiving only things that are of interest to you. You may easily manage what you receive by logging into your MyAEI account, or you may contact our director of database development, Audrey Thompson, at athompson@aei.org or 202.862.5833, or fill out and return our mailing preferences form.

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How can I recommend a friend who might be interested in learning more about AEI?

The American Enterprise Institute is always looking to expand its circle of friends and supporters. If you know someone who would be interested in our work, please Sponsor a Friend or contact Emily Cox, manager, Donor Leadership Program, at 202.862.5919 or emily.cox@aei.org.

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I would like to discuss making a donation to AEI with a member of your staff. Whom should I contact?

We would be delighted to speak with you about supporting AEI. Individuals may contact Toby Stock, managing director of development, at toby.stock@aei.org or 202.862.5834. If you are a foundation representative, please contact Rachel Ayerst Manfredi, director of development, strategic initiatives, at rayerst@aei.org or 202.862.7187. Corporate representatives may contact Windle Jarvis, development officer at windle.jarvis@aei.org or 202.862.5906.

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How can I obtain a copy of AEI's annual report?

AEI's annual report is available in PDF here. If you would like a hard copy sent to you, please contact Laura Krafsur at laura.krafsur@aei.org or 202.862.7182.

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How do I contact a specific scholar?

Contact information for all of AEI's scholars and their research assistants can be found here.

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What is AEI's tax identification number?

AEI's tax identification number is 53-0218495.

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Are donations to AEI tax-exempt?

Yes, as a 501(c)(3), most gifts to the American Enterprise Institute are fully tax deductible. However, gifts at higher levels may not be fully tax deductible (for some small portion of the gift).  If you have questions, please contact Emily Cox at emily.cox@aei.org or 202.862.5919.

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What is AEI's annual budget?

Please see the financial page in our annual report for information on AEI's budget.

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How can I make a gift to AEI?

AEI accepts gifts in a variety of ways, as listed below. For any additional information, please contact Gwendolyn Gorse at gwendolyn.gorse@aei.org or 202.862.5852.

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Do you accept online contributions?

Yes. To support the Institute with a secure online donation, please click here.

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Does AEI publicize the names of its donors and contributors?

AEI does not sell or share donor information with the public or any other organization. Our donor information is held in strict confidence to respect the privacy of our donors.

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Can I designate my gift to AEI for a particular program or scholar?

Donors may choose to earmark their gift for any of AEI's major policy areas or specific research projects. Please contact Toby Stock, managing director of development, at toby.stock@aei.org or 202.862.7189 to further discuss this option.

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Can I make AEI a beneficiary of my will or estate?

Yes. There are a variety of mechanisms for supporting AEI in your estate plans. For more information, please visit the planned giving section of our website or contact Nicole Ruman Skinner, managing director of development, at nskinner@aei.org or 202.862.7189.

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How can I contribute to AEI's endowment?

A member of AEI's development staff would be pleased to discuss this with you. Please contact Jason Bertsch, vice president of development, at jbertsch@aei.org or 202.862.5873.

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Can I make a gift in honor of a friend or family member?

Yes. Donating to AEI is a great way to honor a friend or family member who shares the Institute's commitment to limited government, private enterprise, vital cultural and political institutions, and a strong foreign policy and national defense. Please contact Emily Cox at emily.cox@aei.org or 202.862.5919 to discuss this further.

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Where is AEI located?

AEI's address is 1150 Seventeenth Street, NW, Washington, DC 20036. For street directions, please click here. Visitors should go to the reception area on the eleventh floor; conference attendees should go to the Wohlstetter Conference Center, located on the twelfth floor. For general AEI contact information, please click here. To contact the development office, please click here.

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Who works in AEI's development office?

AEI has a small development staff and spends less than 5% of the Institute's annual budget on fundraising--far less than other policy organizations. Please do not hesitate to contact any of these individuals with questions you may have about supporting AEI.

Carly Agresti, Development Assistant
carly.agresti@aei.org; 202.862.5835

Jason Bertsch, Vice President, Development
jbertsch@aei.org; 202.862.5873

Emily Kuebler Cox, Development Manager, Donor Leadership Program
emily.cox@aei.org; 202.862.5919

Ellett George, Director, Development Strategy and Campaign
ellett.george@aei.org; 202.862.5832

Gwendolyn Gorse, Development Associate, Individuals
gwendolyn.gorse@aei.org; 202.862.5852

Kyle Hauptman, Senior Manager, Development
kyle.hauptman@aei.org; 202.862.4876

Laura Howard, Development Assistant, Vice President's Office
laura.howard@aei.org; 202.862.5940

Windle Jarvis, Senior Development Associate
windle.jarvis@aei.org; 202.862.5906

Mallory Johnson Swartz, Development Manager, Strategic Outreach and Events
mallory.johnson@aei.org; 202.862.5949

Lauren Kimaid, Director of Development, Communications
lkimaid@aei.org; 202.862.5850

Laura Krafsur, Grants Manager
laura.krafsur@aei.org; 202.862.7182

Erin Kundolf, Writer and Editor, Development
erin.kundolf@aei.org; 202.862.5874

Marja Kunz, Development Manager, Strategic Initiatives
marja.kunz@aei.org; 202.862.5203

Rachel Ayerst Manfredi, Director of Development, Strategic Initiatives
rayerst@aei.org; 202.862.7187

Justin Pham, Development Associate, Corporate Relations
justin.pham@aei.org; 202.862.7181

Nicole Ruman Skinner, Managing Director, Development
nskinner@aei.org; 202.862.7189

Toby Stock, Managing Director, Development
toby.stock@aei.org; 202.862.5834

Tim Welter, Senior Development Associate
tim.welter@aei.org; 202.699.0771


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