Strengthening Freedom in Asia: A Twenty-First Century Agenda for the U.S.-Taiwan Partnership
A Report of the Taiwan Policy Working Group
About This Event

The Taiwan Policy Working Group first convened in January 2007 to discuss the status of U.S.-Taiwan political, military, and economic relations. As the United States and Taiwan struggled through one of the relationship’s most difficult years, the working group investigated areas in which a more positive and productive agenda might be forged. Among the questions addressed by the working group were: What could be done to better capitalize on the potential for greater economic and security cooperation between the two countries? How should American and Taiwanese leaders adapt the relationship to better face twenty-first-century challenges? As the United States struggles to define its relationship with other Asian powers, how does Taiwan contribute to American interests in the region?

At this event, the working group’s codirectors, Dan Blumenthal of AEI and Randall Schriver of Armitage International, and several of its members will present and discuss the findings of the report. AEI vice president for foreign and defense policy studies Danielle Pletka will moderate.

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8:45 a.m.
Registration and Breakfast
Dan Blumenthal, AEI
Randall Schriver, Armitage International
Claude Barfield, AEI
Rupert Hammond-Chambers, U.S.-Taiwan Business Council
Michael Mitchell, Orion Strategies
Mark Stokes, The Project 2049 Institute
Danielle Pletka, AEI
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  • Claude Barfield, a former consultant to the office of the U.S. Trade Representative, researches international trade policy (including trade policy in China and East Asia), the World Trade Organization (WTO), intellectual property, and science and technology policy. His many books and publications include Swap: How Trade Works with Philip Levy, a concise introduction to the principles of world economics, and Telecoms and the Huawei conundrum: Chinese foreign direct investment in the United States, an AEI Economic Studies analysis that explores the case of Chinese telecom equipment maker Huawei and its commitment to long-term investment in the US.
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  • Dan Blumenthal is the director of Asian Studies at the American Enterprise Institute, where he focuses on East Asian security issues and Sino-American relations.  Mr. Blumenthal has both served in and advised the U.S. government on China issues for over a decade.  From 2001 to 2004, he served as senior director for China, Taiwan, and Mongolia at the Department of Defense.  Additionally, he served as a commissioner on the congressionally-mandated U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission since 2006-2012, and held the position of vice chairman in 2007.  He has also served on the Academic Advisory Board of the congressional U.S.-China Working Group. Mr. Blumenthal is the co-author of "An Awkward Embrace: The United States and China in the 21st Century" (AEI Press, November 2012).

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  • As a long-time Senate Committee on Foreign Relation senior professional staff member for the Near East and South Asia, Danielle Pletka was the point person on Middle East, Pakistan, India and Afghanistan issues. As the vice president for foreign and defense policy studies at AEI, Pletka writes on national security matters with a focus on Iran and weapons proliferation, the Middle East, Syria, Israel and the Arab Spring. She also studies and writes about South Asia: Pakistan, India and Afghanistan.

    Pletka is the co-editor of “Dissent and Reform in the Arab World: Empowering Democrats” (AEI Press, 2008) and the co-author of “Containing and Deterring a Nuclear Iran” (AEI Press, 2011) and “Iranian influence in the Levant, Egypt, Iraq, and Afghanistan” (AEI Press, 2012). Her most recent study, “America vs. Iran: The competition for the future of the Middle East,” was published in January 2014.


    Follow Danielle Pletka on Twitter.

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