Strengthening Freedom in Asia: A Twenty-First Century Agenda for the U.S.-Taiwan Partnership
A Report of the Taiwan Policy Working Group
About This Event

The Taiwan Policy Working Group first convened in January 2007 to discuss the status of U.S.-Taiwan political, military, and economic relations. As the United States and Taiwan struggled through one of the relationship’s most difficult years, the working group resolved to investigate areas in which a more positive and more productive agenda might be forged. Among the questions addressed by the working group were: What could be done to better capitalize on the potential for greater economic and security cooperation between the two countries? How should American and Taiwanese leaders adapt this relationship to better face twenty-first century challenges? As the United States struggles to define its relationship with other Asian powers, how does Taiwan contribute to American interests in the region?

At this event, the Working Group’s codirectors, Dan Blumenthal of AEI and Randy Schriver of Armitage International, will present and discuss the findings of the report. James Huang, the Taiwan minister of foreign affairs, will deliver the keynote address.

1:30 p.m.
Wen-cheng Lin, Taiwan Foundation for Democracy
Keynote Address:
James Huang, Taiwan minister of foreign affairs
Dan Blumenthal, AEI
Randall Schriver, Armitage International
Adjournment and Coffee
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