AEI's 2013 Annual Dinner
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Wednesday, May 8, 2013


6:00 P.M. Reception
7:00 P.M. Irving Kristol Lecture
Followed by Dinner and Dancing


Paul Ryan

Recipient of the 2013 Irving Kristol Award


Past Honorees Include

Recipients of the Irving Kristol Award
2012    Leon R. Kass
2011    Martin Feldstein
2010    David H. Petraeus
2009    Charles Murray
2008    John Winston Howard
2007    Bernard Lewis
2006    David Hackett Fischer
2005    Mario Vargas Llosa
2004    Charles Krauthammer
2003    Allan H. Meltzer

Recipients of the Francis Boyer Award
2002    Norman Podhoretz
2001    Clarence Thomas
2000    Christopher DeMuth
1999    Michael Novak
1997    James Q. Wilson
1996    Alan Greenspan
1995    George F. Will
1994    Carlos Salinas de Gortari
1993    Richard B. Cheney
1991    Irving Kristol
1990    Thomas Sowell
1989    Antonin Scalia
1988    Ronald W. Reagan
1987    Paul A. Volcker
1986    David Packard
1985    Jeane J. Kirkpatrick
1984    Robert H. Bork
1983    Sir Alan Walters
1982    Hanna Holborn Gray
1981    Henry A. Kissinger
1980    William J. Baroody Sr.
1979    Paul Johnson
1978    Arthur F. Burns
1977    Gerald R. Ford

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