Crisis in Ukraine: Putin’s agenda and US-Russia relations
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The Ukrainian revolution has led to a geopolitical remapping of Eurasia and has set the US and Russia on a collision course. Ethnically Russian Crimea has voted to break off from Ukraine and join Russia — a move that has invited harsh backlash and expanded economic sanctions from the West. Russian President Vladimir Putin risks further isolating Russia and losing global influence if he refuses to reverse course. Will Putin stop at Crimea? What role will the US and European Union play? Is a new cold war on the horizon?

Danielle Pletka and Leon Aron, two AEI foreign policy experts, have been helping shape discussion of the Ukraine crisis in numerous US media outlets. In this AEI on Campus Virtual Town Hall, students will have the opportunity to ask the questions.

Presubmit questions to [email protected], tweet with #VirtualTownHall, or ask live on camera during the debate.


6:00 PM
Leon Aron, AEI
Danielle Pletka, AEI

7:00 PM

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