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AEI Economic Policy Working Paper Series

The AEI Economic Policy Working Paper Series is intended to make developing academic works available in preliminary form for comments and suggestions. For more information, please contact Anthony Paranzino at [email protected]













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Sweden experiments with the six-hour workday… and even the Swedes are suspicious. That and more.

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The American Enterprise Institute welcomes several new members to the Economic Policy Research team.

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AEI Senior Fellow Kevin Hassett discusses the Federal Reserve’s decision to not raise rates.

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The Wealth Building Home Loan offers a much safer path to homeownership and financial security than a 30-year mortgage that pays off very slowly.

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Since value depends on economic rent, and rent on location, and location on convenience, and convenience on nearness, the intermediate steps may be eliminated and say that value depends on nearness. Land prices on the outskirts are lower as area increases as the square of the distance from any given point. If a new utility does not arise, exchange prices may advance and recede, while intrinsic values do not change.

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Is it any wonder Working America is so miserable? Except it’s not.

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Could reading a low tech book make it easier to handle a high tech world? That, a computer recreating Van Gogh, and why we need geeks in government… all here.

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With all the news on China, bet you missed that the US and China are fighting to dominate the global food supply. That and more surprise reads here.

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The Chinese government’s regulatory moves to better control its market have sent ripples throughout the global market. These developments highlight issues in the “rigged” market of China and within the party, as it does not seem to know what it wants to do, which drives uncertainty.

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