AEI Economic Policy Working Paper Series

The AEI Economic Policy Working Paper Series is intended to make developing academic works available in preliminary form for comments and suggestions.

For more information, please contact Abby McCloskey at [email protected].


►2014-07 (September) State taxation of interstate commerce and income flows: The economics of Neutrality
  Alan D. Viard and Ryan Lirette

►2014-06 (July) How fast are semiconductor prices falling?
  Stephen D. Oliner, Daniel E. Sichel, and David M. Byrne

►2014-05 (May) House prices and land prices under the microscope: a property-level analysis for the Washington, DC area
  Edward J. Pinto, Stephen D. Oliner, and Morris A. Davis

►2014-04 (April) Overpaid or underpaid? A state-by-state ranking of public-employee compensation
  Andrew G. Biggs and Jason Richwine

►2014-03 (April) Shops and the city
  Stan Veuger and Daniel Shoag

►2014-02 (February) Strategic voting in proportional representation systems
  Stan Veuger and Tim Ganser

►2014-01 (January) Taking the risk out of systemic risk management, I
  Paul Kupiec and Levent Guntay


►2013-08 (December) Macroprudential policies and the growth of bank credit
   Paul H. Kupiec

►2013-07 (October) Incentive compensation for risk managers when effort is unobservable
   Paul H. Kupiec

►2013-06 (October) In name only: Are free trade zones assisting capitalism or criminals and crony capitalists?
   Roger Bate

►2013-05 (September) Uncertainty and the geography of the Great Recession
   Daniel Shoag and Stan Veuger

►2013-04 (August) Cost and benefit of regulatory oversight
   Stan Veuger and Kristin Wilson

►2013-03 (August) Escaping Domestic Violence: Empowering Women through Employment, Earnings and Wealth in India?
   Aparna Mathur and Sita Slavov

►2013-02 (March) Is the Information Technology Revolution Over?
   David M. Byrne, Stephen D. Oliner, and Daniel E. Sichel

►2013-01 (March) Do volatile firms pay volatile earnings? Evidence using linked worker-firm data
   Michael R. Strain


►2012-06 (December) Time-to-Plan Lags for Commercial Construction Projects
  Jonathan N. Millar, Stephen D. Oliner, and Daniel E. Sichel

►2012-05 (December) Do Political Protests Matter? Evidence from the Tea Party Movement
  Andreas Madestam, Daniel Shoag, Stan Veuger, and David Yanagizawa-Drott

►2012-04 (October) A Simple Measure of the Distributional Burden of Debt Accumulation
   Aspen Gorry and Matthew H. Jensen

►2012-03 (July) Swings in Commercial and Residential Land Prices in the United States
   Joseph B. Nichols, Stephen D. Oliner, and Michael R. Mulhall

►2012-02 (May) The Impact of Act 10 on Public Sector Compensation in Wisconsin
   Andrew G. Biggs and Jason Richwine

►2012-01 (February) Combating Dangerous Medicines – Differences in Quality of Medicines Sold    by Small Pharmacies and Large Chain Pharmacies
   Roger Bate


►2011-05 (December) The Market for Inferior Medicines: Comparing the Price of Falsified and    Substandard Products with the Legitimate Medicines in Emerging Markets
   Roger Bate

►2011-04 (June) The United States and China: Macroeconomic Imbalances and Economic    Diplomacy
   Philip I. Levy

►2011-03 (May) Beyond Bankruptcy: Does the Bankruptcy Code Provide a Fresh Start To    Entrepreneurs
   Aparna Mathur

►2011-02 (March) Comparing Federal and Private Sector Compensation
   Andrew G. Biggs and Jason Richwine

►2011-01 (February) The Impact of Improved Detection Technology on Drug Quality: A Case Study    of Lagos, Nigeria
   Roger Bate and Aparna Mathur


►2010-04 (December) A Roadmap for Deficit Reduction in the United States Based on Historial    Consolidations That Worked
   Andrew G. Biggs, Kevin Hassett, and Matthew H. Jensen

►2010-03 (June) Distributional Impacts in a Comprehensive Climate Policy Package
   Kevin A. Hassett, Aparna Mathur, and Gilberg Metcalf

►2010-02 (May) The Effect of Labor Market Regulations on Educational Attainment
   Aparna Mathur

►2010-01 (March) Hedging Against Peak Oil Shocks
   Marc D. Weidenmier


►2008-05 (December) The Consumer Burden of a Cap-and-Trade System with Freely Allocated    Permits
   Kevin A. Hassett, Aparna Mathur, and Gilbert E. Metcalf

►2008-04 (July) Policies to Improve the Resiliency of Long-Term Social Security Financing
   Andrew G. Biggs

►2008-03 (March) Economic Integration and Incipient Democracy
   Philip I. Levy

►2008-02 (January) The Incidence of a US Carbon Tax: A Lifetime and Regional Analysis
   Kevin A. Hassett, Aparna Mathur, and Gilbert E. Metcalf

►2008-01 (January) An Examination of State Non-Group and Small-Group Health Insurance    Regulations
   Anthony T. Lo Sasso


►2007-06 (October) The Dormant Commerce Clause and the Balkanization of the Municipal Bond    Market (with technical appendix)
   Alan D. Viard

►2007-05 (August) Predicting Tax Reform
   Kevin A. Hassett and Aparna Mathur

►2007-04 (July) Revenue-Maximizing Corporate Income Taxes: The Laffer Curve in OECD    Countries
   Alex Brill and Kevin A. Hassett

►2007-03 (June) The Taxation of Corporate Gains on Sales of Depreciable Property
   Kevin A. Hassett and Alan D. Viard

►2007-02 (May) Foreign Direct Investment, Corruption, and Democracy
   Aparna Mathur and Kartikeya Singh

►2007-01 (January) An Empirical Analysis of Middle Class Welfare
   Kevin A. Hassett and Aparna Mathur


►2006-09 (November) WHO's Comprehensive HIV Treatment Failure
   Roger Bate and Lorraine Mooney

►2006-08 (October) The Little Bank That Could: Poor Countries Need Relief from the World Bank's    'Help' on Malaria
   Roger Bate

►2006-07 (September) The Welfare Effects of Pay-as-You-Go Retirement Programs: The Role of    Tax and Benefit Timing
   Alan D. Viard

►2006-06 (August) Tariffs, Corruption, and Other Impediments to Medicinal Access in Developing    Countries
   Roger Bate, Richard Tren, Lorraine Mooney, and Kathryn Boateng

►2006-05 (July) Competition and Shareholder Fees in the Mutual Fund Industry
   John C. Coates IV and R. Glenn Hubbard

►2006-04 (July) Taxes and Wages
   Kevin A. Hassett and Aparna Mathur

►2006-03 (June) Is There a Right Way to Promote Health Insurance Through the Tax System?
   Joseph Antos

►2006-02 (April) Why the Small Business Administration's Loan Programs Should Be Abolished
   Veronique de Rugy

►2006-01 (February) Will Competition Return to Medicare?
   Joseph Antos


►2005-18 (December) The Vioxx Litigation: Part II
  Ted Frank

►2005-17 (December) Are Small Businesses the Engine of Growth?
   Veronique de Rugy

►2005-16 (December) The Politics and Economics of Offshore Outsourcing
   N. Gregory Mankiw and Phillip Swagel

►2005-15 (December) How do Tax Policies Affect Low Income Workers?
   Kevin A. Hassett and Anne Moore

►2005-14 (December) The 2003 Dividend Tax Cuts and the Value of the Firm
   Alan J. Auerbach and Kevin A. Hassett

►2005-13 (December) Optimal Long-Run Fiscal Policy
   Alan J. Auerbach and Kevin A. Hassett

►2005-12 (December) Ensuring Access to Affordable Drug Coverage in Medicare
   Joseph Antos

►2005-11 (December) The Vioxx Litigation: Part 1
   Ted Frank

►2005-10 (September) Rethinking the California Air Resources Board's Ozone Standards
   Joel Schwartz

►2005-09 (September) Is Port Security Making Us Safer?
   Veronique de Rugy

►2005-08 (August) Expensing Employee Stock Options
   Charles W. Calomiris

►2005-07 (July) Political Roulette and the Public Health
   Scott Gottlieb

►2005-06 (June) US-India Relations: Report on AEI's 2003-04 Roundtable Discussions
   Gautam Adhikari

►2005-05 (June) Remaking Domestic Intelligence
   Richard A. Posner

►2005-04 (May) Government by Indictment
   Michael S. Greve

►2005-03 (May) The Blind Hydra: USAID Policy Fails to Control Malaria
   Roger Bate and Benjamin Schwab
   Updated from the original (4/22/05) version

►2005-02 (April) Entrepreneurial Public Management as a Replacement for Bureaucratic Public    Administration
   Newt Gingrich

►2005-01 (April) What Does Homeland Security Spending Buy?
   Veronique de Rugy
   Updated from the original (10/29/04) version


►2004-04 (July) The Impact of Driver Cell Phone Use on Accidents
   Robert W. Hahn and James E. Prieger

►2004-03 (June) Federal Government Debt and Interest Rates
   Eric M. Engen and R. Glenn Hubbard

►2004-02 (April) The Fiscal and Social Costs of Consolidating Student Loans at Fixed Interest    Rates
   Kevin A. Hassett and Robert J. Shapiro

►2004-01 (January) Options Pricing and Accounting Practice
   Charles W. Calomiris and R. Glenn Hubbard


►2003-02 (December) Replacing the Income Tax with a Progressive Consumption Tax
   Daniel Shaviro

►2003-01 (February) The Economic and Legal Consequences of Requiring the Expensing of    Employee Stock Options without Specifying the Valuation Method
   Kevin A. Hassett and Peter J. Wallison

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