Aparna Mathur is an economist who writes about taxes and wages. She has been a consultant to the World Bank and has taught economics at the University of Maryland. Her work ranges from research on carbon taxes and the impact of state health insurance mandates on small firms to labor market outcomes. Her research on corporate taxation includes the widely discussed coauthored 2006 "Wages and Taxes" paper, which explored the link between corporate taxes and manufacturing wages.


  • Lecturer, AEI Summer Institute, July 2013
  • Adjunct Assistant Professor, Tax Politics and Policy, January-May 2011, Georgetown University
  • Adjunct Assistant Professor, Public Finance, January-May 2010, Georgetown University
  • Research Fellow, American Enterprise Institute, January 2006-December 2009
  • Consultant, The World Bank, August 2001-December 2001
  • Instructor, Intermediate Microeconomic Theory, Spring 2001-Spring 2005
  • Instructor, Principles of Microeconomics, Summer 2004, Summer 2002
  • Teaching Assistant, Principles of Microeconomics, Fall 1999-Fall 2000
  • Research Assistant, Tata Energy Research Institute, New Delhi, Summer 1998


Ph. D., Economics, University of Maryland at College Park, 2005
M.A., Economics, University of Maryland at College Park 2001
M.A., Economics, Delhi School of Economics, May 1999
B. A., Hindu College, Delhi University (India), May 1996