Roger Scruton

Visiting Scholar

Roger Scruton, a writer, philosopher, and public commentator, has written widely on political and cultural issues as well as on aesthetics, with particular attention to music and architecture. The author of more than thirty books, his most recent ones include Culture Counts: Faith and Healing in a World Besieged (Encounter Books, 2007); A Political Philosophy (Continuum Books, 2006), a response to the development and decline of western civilization; and The West and the Rest (ISI Books, 2001), an analysis of the values held by the West and how they are distinct from those held by other cultures. Mr. Scruton is also a founding editor of The Salisbury Review as well as the founder of Claridge Press, which is now part of Continuum International Publishing Group. He writes a column on cultural matters for The American Spectator and on wine for The New Statesman in Britain. At AEI, Mr. Scruton researches environmental protection from a cultural and philosophical angle.


  • Research Professor, Institute for the Psychological Sciences, 2005–present
  • Cofounder and Consultant, Horsell's Farm Enterprises, 1999–present
  • Visiting Professor, Princeton University, 2006
  • Cofounder and Director, Central European Consulting, 1989–2004
  • Founder and Director, Claridge Press, 1987–2004
  • Editor, The Salisbury Review, 1982–2001
  • Professor of Philosophy and University Professor, Boston University, 1992–95
  • Professor of Aesthetics, Reader, and Lecturer, Department of Philosophy, Birkbeck College, London, 1971–92


Ph.D., M.A., B.A., philosophy, University of Cambridge
Bar, Part 1 and 2, Inner Temple, London (U.K. law degree)